Saturday, April 13, 2002

Lotto players buy tickets for 2 games

By John Seewer
The Associated Press

        Deborah Moore plunked down a few bucks Friday on the $220 million Big Game lottery jackpot in Michigan, then walked across a parking lot into Ohio to buy tickets for the Ohio Lottery's record $75 million Super Lotto Plus game.

        Dozens of others did the same.

        “Somebody's got to win them. Why not me?” Ms. Moore, of Toledo, said while waiting in line at the State Line Lottery store in Ohio and clutching her Big Game tickets.

        Hope outweighed the odds.

        “It'd be about a trillion to one,” she said about winning both games.

        Ohio won't begin selling tickets for The Big Game multistate lottery's Mega Millions until May 15, so the only option is going out of state.

        And with a record Super Lotto Plus jackpot in Ohio, residents from Ohio and Michigan converged on a pair of small stores straddling the state line.

        “Either one of them would be all right with me,” said Gaylin Braaten of Somers, Wis. “I know all my family would be pretty happy.

        The Big Game drawing was scheduled Friday night, and Ohio's numbers will be picked today.

        Despite the record Super Lotto prize, lottery players were only trickling into the Ohio store Friday, while the line in Michigan was a dozen deep.

        “Might as well play both,” said Tim Colbert, of Toledo. “I'd be satisfied with just $1 million.”

        The Big Game is played in seven states: Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia.


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