Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Tristate Summary

Former Duramed plant to make contraceptive

        The former Duramed pharmaceutical plant in Pleasant Ridge will continue expanding its production of generic birth control pills after winning regulatory approval Monday to make Kariva, a generic version of the Mircette oral contraceptive made by Organon Inc.

        Duramed, which was acquired in October by Barr Laboratories Inc., based in Pomona, N.Y., already produces several types of birth control pills, including the Apri and Avianne product lines.

        The manufacturing approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Adminsitration follows Barr's victory in December in a federal court patent dispute that began in 2000 between Duramed and Organon.

        By January 2003, Barr plans to make at least 10 oral contraceptive products at its Cincinnati plant, said spokeswoman Carol Cox. To handle the expanded production, the plant recently installed a second blister-pack packaging line and plans to install a third in the next few months.        

Laser surgery center hits 10th anniversary

        LCA-Vision Inc. Tuesday marked its 10th anniversary in the laser vision correction business.

        The Cincinnati-based company got its start in lasers when its predecessor company acquire a majority stake in the Toronto Laser Sight Centre in April 1992.

        LCA-Vision went on to open the nation's first corporately owned laser vision correction center in Cincinnati in December 1995.

        Since 1992, the company's ophthalmologists have performed more than 212,000 laser eye surgeries. The company has grown to include 31 Lasik Plus centers in the U.S. and two in Canada.
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