Saturday, April 06, 2002

What's not on the Web sites

        Web sites for Reading and Norwood don't list any elected officials besides the mayor, and you won't find the current elected officials on the Web site for Mason.

        Here are their names and phone numbers; the numbers are for their homes unless indicated otherwise.


       Mayor Joe Hochbein: 731-8189.
       Council President Jane Grote, 241-3993 (work).
   At large:
       Joseph W. Sanker, 396-7677.
       Thomas F. Williams, 731-3053.
       Maryann F. Burwinkel, 631-9498.
       Ward 1: Keith D. Moore, 631-0382.
       Ward 2: Michael C. Fulmer, 731-6526.
       Ward 3: Joseph C. Geers, 531-1666.
       Ward 4: John H. Fenton, 631-5911.
       Ward 5: Cassandra N. Brown, 396-6683.
       Ward 6: Will DeLuca, 395-7069.


       Mayor Earl Schmidt, 761-8158.
       President Bud Elmlinger, 761-7362.
       At large:
       Bob Boehner, 769-4232.
       Robert Bemmes, 821-5417.
       Tom Pennekamp, 733-4878.
       Ward 1: Russ Wulf, 821-0149.
        Ward 2: Tony Gertz, 554-1868 (work).
       Ward 3: Kevin Parker, 733-3494.
       Ward 4: Ken Nordin, 733-8940.


       Mayor John McCurley, 398-3013.
       Vice Mayor Jim Fox, 398-3699.
       Victor L. Kidd, 398-5433.
       Tom Grossmann, 754-8660.
       Charlene Pelfrey, 398-7208.
       Dick Staten, 398-5416.
       Peter Anthony Beck, 459-9859.

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