Saturday, April 06, 2002

Tristate A.M. Report

Warren Co. candidate criticizes board

        LEBANON — A candidate for Warren County commissioner lambasted the current board Friday for “their arrogance, rudeness and unprofessional attitude” toward the leader of Middletown Regional Hospital.

        “I continue to be dumbfounded as to why our Warren County commissioners, led by President C. Michael Kilburn, turn their backs on one of the most significant projects to come to our county,” Daryl Dunn said in a news release.

        Mr. Dunn of Lebanon, a real estate agent, is seeking to unseat Mr. Kilburn in the GOP primary.

        His statement came after the commissioners met with local officials Thursday on Middletown Regional Hospital's proposed move to western Warren. Hospital CEO Doug McNeill attended, along with about 150 other people on both sides of the issue.

        “I thought we let everyone speak,” Mr. Kilburn said Friday afternoon.

        Mr. Dunn supports the Middletown Regional project, which would include private companies and employ almost 5,000 people, according to the hospital.

        Mr. Kilburn and his fellow commissioners — who are not up for re-election this year — don't like the proposed Greentree Road location.

Hamilton police seek help in investigation

       HAMILTON — Police are asking for help in the investigation into the death of a 33-year-old Hamilton resident whose body was found in a Hamilton creek March 27.

        The death of Paul W. Brown has been ruled a homicide.

        “Detectives have confirmed the victim was dropped off at the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant at 746 N.W. Washington Blvd. by relatives at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23,” Hamilton Police Officer David Crawford said. A short time later, he said, the man was seen at the Meijer store at 1560 Main St. He was wearing a green, blue and white Boston Celtics windbreaker.

        The victim was found face-down in Two-Mile Creek by children playing. The body was partially submerged. The creek runs behind Washington Square Apartments on North Washington Boulevard.

        Anyone who may have seen Mr. Brown or has any information on the death is asked to call Hamilton police detectives at 868-5811 ext. 2002. Pictures of the Boston Celtics jacket and the victim can be found at

Student's essay inspires workers at Pentagon

       DELPHOS, Ohio — A high school junior's essay on life inspired construction crews rebuilding the Pentagon so much they decided to put his name on a piece of limestone that will be placed in the building.

        Cody Teman's name will be etched in stone along with the names of those working to repair damage from the Pentagon from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

        “I'm shocked,” Cody said. “I couldn't believe that someone working on something so important would think something I have done was so important.

        Contractor James Gallagher said he received the essay from his parents who live in Lima and saw it in the Lima News. Mr. Gallagher, vice president of AMEC Construction Management, said he was inspired by the essay.

        In “Laws of Life,” Cody wrote about the tools in his grandfather's big red toolbox and compared them with building pieces needed for a happy life. Wood represented his faith in God and the chisel represented his need to leave his mark on the world.

        Construction workers posted the essay on a bulletin board to inspire one another.

        Mr. Gallagher said the toolbox and carpentry analogy was something he and others on the site could appreciate and that the inspirational message has really helped them.

Man discusses events leading up to shooting

       COLUMBUS — A 91-year-old man said he had no choice but to shoot a man who he said dragged his neighbor through the house by her hair.

        “She would be dead,” Shirley Becraft said of his neighbor, Virginia Devoe. “I guarantee you.”

        Mr. Becraft spoke on Thursday for the first time about killing Ms. Devoe's ex-boyfriend, James Ryan McVay, 28, two days earlier.

        Mr. Becraft hasn't been charged, police spokeswoman Sherry Mercurio said Friday. Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said a grand jury will decide whether he shot in self-defense.

        Mr. Becraft said he went to Ms. Devoe's house Tuesday night with a gun because he was concerned about her safety. He said Ms. Devoe, 54, came to his house crying earlier that day saying Mr. McVay had called her and said he was coming to kill her.

        Mr. Becraft said that when he got to the house, Mr. McVay was attacking Ms. Devoe. He said when he yelled, Mr. McVay put him in a chokehold.

        Mr. Becraft said he fired the gun behind him, into Mr. McVay's chest, to release the man's arm from around his neck. Mr. McVay then stumbled outside, where he collapsed and died on the driveway.

        Mr. Becraft said he had previously told Mr. McVay to stop harassing Ms. Devoe. A Franklin County domestic-relations judge had issued a protection order against Mr. McVay in January 2001.

Dayton group forced to cancel festival

       DAYTON — An annual folk festival that features music, dance, arts and crafts and draws thousands of people downtown has been canceled because enough money couldn't be raised to put it on.

        The Cityfolk Festival board of trustees made the decision Thursday.

        “We did not meet our self-imposed March 31 deadline for raising the necessary dollars,” said Pat Newcomb, board president.

        The board decided to cancel this year's event entirely rather than cut back further on days and hours, which were already being reduced.

Coach pleads innocent to animal cruelty

        RICHMOND, Ind. — A high school wrestling coach who admitted to biting the head off a live sparrow in front of his team pleaded innocent to a charge of animal cruelty Friday.

        Aron Bright, 31, a teacher at Avon High School west of Indianapolis, could face up to year in prison and a maximum $5,000 fine if he is convicted in Wayne Superior Court. A trial date has not been set, but a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for May 13.

        Mr. Bright was not available for comment.

        Mr. Bright has admitted to biting the head off the bird on Dec. 28 at his parents' home in Centerville in eastern Indiana. The act occurred while he and some assistant coaches, plus 15 varsity wrestlers, were attending a two-day meet in nearby Connersville.

        The incident sparked complaints from members of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and prompted some Avon parents groups to demand that he be fired.

        Mr. Bright, of Putnam County, served a two-week suspension without pay imposed by the Avon School Board.


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