Friday, April 05, 2002

What's the Buzz?

GE Aircraft trimming 61 jobs

        GE Aircraft Engines Thursday said it will trim 61 more hourly jobs at its Evendale plant because of the slowdown in new engine orders.

        The cuts are a continuation of the company's plans announced last fall to trim 4,000 jobs worldwide, including 800 in Greater Cincinnati, because of the slowdown in aircraft orders.

        The job cuts are separate from recent talks between the company and United Auto Workers Local 647 over GE's proposal to move some CFM56 engine assembly to its Durham, N.C., plant, eliminating 45 jobs in Evendale.

        Those talks, required under the company-union labor agreement, are designed to give the union the opportunity to change the company's plans.

        A company spokesman confirmed the talks have ended, but no final decision has been made. A union representative wasn't available for comment Thursday.

— Mike Boyer

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