Berry, Washington make Oscar history
        History was made in Hollywood Sunday when for the first time African-Americans, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry, took home the Oscars for best actor and best actress.
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Ask A Stupid Question
        “I am 6 years old and confused. In the song, "One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater,' is the monster purple, or does the monster only eat purple people? My dad says it's an adjective problem.”

Chat about laser vision correction
        Dr. Gary A. Varley, laser vision correction expert and medical director for the Cincinnati Eye Institute's Refractive Centers, joins us today at 12:30 to chat about “LASIK Basics” at Cincinnati.Com.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

Summer camp guide
The Enquirer's annual guide to summer camps for kids is a where-to list for sports, arts, academics, nature and more. And it's only available online.

Jewelry adds to awards show glitter
        It's not about the statue. We all know the Oscars show is really about the clothes. But this year there was a bonus.

Local couple get red carpet treatment
        When Paul and Kira Laufman learned that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would choose fans for this year's red-carpet bleacher seats via Internet lottery, their immediate reaction was, “Why not?”

Breakthrough for black actors
        LOS ANGELES — Until Sunday, just one black actor in 73 years had won an Academy Award in a lead role. Now there are three.

Howard has a beautiful night
        LOS ANGELES — Ron Howard has progressed from all-American boy to populist director of mermaids and grinches to Academy Award winner.

Tom Green nabs top 'Razzies' awards
        SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Tom Green swept the “Razzies” awards for his much-reviled comedy Freddy Got Fingered — and gave himself a red-carpet welcome as the first actor to ever accept an award in person.

'Blade 2' melts 'Ice Age' lead
        LOS ANGELESBlade 2 and vampire slayer Wesley Snipes sucked $33.1 million out of moviegoers to debut as the top weekend film and help continue a March box office boom.

KIESEWETTER: Field will keep you watching 'Court'
        When Sally Field won the 1985 Oscar for Places in the Heart, she declared: “You like me! You really like me!” That's why we'll watch The Court (10 p.m. Tuesday, Channels 9, 2).

TV's sex, violence on decline
        Television has become less infused with sex and violence over the past few years, but movies are unchanged, according to a study by a Washington think tank.

Pick up pages, take off pounds
        Want to work out your brain the next time you're shopping for a diet and exercise plan? Check out the latest crop of weight-loss and fitness books:

Even the busiest folks can find time for workout
        If a 30-minute exercise session never finds a spot in your schedule, you might try for 10 minutes. Researchers have found that exercising little-by-little is far better than not exercising at all. It all adds up.

Personal Trainer
        I see many sales pitches for exercise equipment. One in particular is the Total Gym, which is promoted by some famous people. Do you recommend it?

Fit Bits
        Ways to stay active and healthy.

Good vs. evil theme highlight of 'Hood'
        There is a masked vigilante terrorizing a crime-ridden urban neighborhood. But is the Hood really a do-gooder who administers justice to criminals with a few quick karate kicks before giving the thieves' money to a kindly nun and her homeless shelter? Who is hiding behind that mask? Why?

Cammys show honors city, musical heritage
        The best musicians in Cincinnati played for each other, honored each other, complimented each other and exchanged hugs at the sixth annual Cammy Awards Sunday at Jillian's.
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Women of the Year
        We celebrate the work of 10 women who have made Greater Cincinnati a better place.

O N   T H E   S A M E   P A G E
Cincinnati's assignment: Ernest J. Gaines
        Ernest J. Gaines, author of A Lesson Before Dying thinks we, that is, blacks and whites, have more in common than we have differences.
More about the author and his writing

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