Monday, March 25, 2002

Mini-Marathon Notebook

Injured runner lifts spirits

By Ian Duthie
Enquirer contributor

        Of all the runners on the starting line at the Heart Mini-Marathon, no one was a more welcome sight than Kent Enzweiler.

        Enzweiler, who uses a wheelchair after being struck by a minivan more than a year ago, helped start the 15K race from the podium where many of his old running buddies took the chance to say hello to an old friend.

        A devoted runner before the accident, Enzweiler looked on as the starting gun started a race he had run so many times before.

        “It is amazing to have him back,” said John Sence who won the men's 15K and is a close friend. “A year ago he was in a coma and it was uncertain what the future held. Now a year after he is here, looking great. There is no telling what the next year holds for him.”

        A large number of the competitors wore wristbands that had K-E-N-T in large red letters and admitted afterward that seeing their old running buddy was an inspiration to finish the race strong.

        “He has worked so hard to get to where he is and to see him before the race in his chair it makes you suck it up and work that much harder because your pain is small in comparison,” said Jill Tranter, who won the women's 15K and trained with Enzweiler many times before the accident.

        VETERANS DAY: A special group of runners made up the field of the 15K as 18 men ran their 25th consecutive Mini-Marathon. All 18 were given gray, long-sleeve T-shirts that said, “25 years and running” on the back.

        5K RESULTS: Winners of the 5K race were 16-year old Rob Grote with a time of 16:33 and the women's winner was Elaine Koening, who ran 19:20. In the red cap division (runners who have suffered a stroke or heart attack), Jeff Kemmet won the men's race at 22:52, while Genevieve Brewster captured the women's title with a time of 26:09.

        CHARITY: In its 25 years, the charity event has raised more than $10 million, with all proceeds going toward research and education of heart disease and strokes.


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