Thursday, March 21, 2002

Krispy Kreme's fresh idea: doughnut-mobile

The Associated Press

        WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — If you passed Krispy Kreme's newest store on the highway, you might think that it was just a truck hauling doughnuts to the grocery store. Wrong — it IS the store.

        The 53-foot trailer transforms into a small doughnut store, and is part of the company's strategy to expand into new markets without setting up its traditional larger stores, Krispy Kreme spokesman Brooke Smith said.

        Company officials had been considering a mobile store for years. The project gained momentum when Krispy Kreme moved from the Nasdaq Stock Market to the New York Stock Exchange last year, celebrating the move by setting up a doughnut-making operation on the street and giving away 40,000 doughnuts.

        The company has 218 stores in 33 states, including 17 in North Carolina, where the doughnuts are made on-site. Boxed doughnuts also are sold in grocery stores, but “the whole brand essence is the "hot doughnut' experience,” said Stan Parker, senior vice president for marketing.

        Krispy Kreme worked with Spevco, a manufacturer of exhibit vehicles, to develop and build the mobile store.

        When fully assembled, the mobile unit resembles an old-fashioned diner. Customers lining up on a walkway outside can peer through glass windows to watch the doughnuts rolling off the conveyor, just as they would at a regular store.

        Workers set up the mobile store this week in the Spevco parking lot to test the equipment.

        A complete travel schedule has yet been arranged, but the company expects the trailer will be on the road about 200 days a year.


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