Monday, March 11, 2002

Some Good News

Urging physical health

By Allen Howard,
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Don't be surprised if your minister tells you from the pulpit to not only cleanse your heart of sin, but do something to make it healthy.

        That is what Bishop Michael E. Dantley, pastor of Christ Emmanuel Church, did recently. He challenged the congregation to get their bodies in shape and to help make their hearts healthy by walking or running in the Humana Heart Mini-Marathon, presented by KeyBank March 24.

        “I ran in it last year,” the Rev. Mr. Dantley said. “I think it is important that we keep our bodies healthy. The Bible says that the body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost.”

        Several members took his advice and are training on Saturday mornings.

        Karen Bell, a member who is serving as official team leader, said they had their first training walk and run March 2.

        “We had a great time getting out and enjoying some fresh air,” she said.

        Lori Fovel, public relations officer for the American Heart Association, said the Heart Mini-Marathon has made huge strides in improving the quality and extending the lives of those suffering from heart disease and strokes.

        It has raised $10 million and recruited 200,000 participants in the Marathon.

        The marathon is divided into several categories; the 15k Heart Mini-Marathon, 5k HeartRun, 5k and 10k HeartWalks and a 2k Kids' Mini-MaraFun.

        There will be a fitness clinic on March 23 at the Albert B. Sabin Cincinnati Convention Center. Participants can register for the Heart Mini-Marathon at or call the American Heart Association at 281-4048.

        • • • Florence Jessup Beaujon, a volunteer with the Warren County Compeer, was honored recently with the Compeer Service Award. Ms. Beaujon recently retired from the Warren County Compeer Advisory Committee, where she had served since 1993..

        Compeer is a program that matches community volunteers as friends with adults in recovery from a mental illness. It is funded by the Warren County United Way and Mental Health Recovery Service of Warren and Clinton counties.

Ms. Beaujon has been a one-on-one Compeer volunteer since 1996. She was instrumental in bringing the Compeer program to Warren County and was chairman of the advisory committee from 1995-2001.

        • • •

        A one-day workshop on mental health issues and the faith community will be held at Lebanon Presbyterian Church, 123 N. East St., Lebanon., from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 18.

        It is sponsored by the Mental Health Association's Faith Council. It will include a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, Compeer presentation and information about community resources. To register, call 721-2910 ext. 14 or 459-9551 or 1-800-478-3505.

        Allen Howard's “Some Good News” column runs Sunday-Friday. If you have suggestions about outstanding achievements, or people who are uplifting to the Tristate, let him know at 768-8362, at or by fax at 768-8340.


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