Thursday, March 07, 2002

Holdup man picks policeman

Suspect with knife arrested after chase in Mount Auburn

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Cincinnati Police Spc. Dennis Ficker was visiting a victim in a telephone-harassment case in Mount Auburn on Tuesday afternoon.

        He stood, in a suit and tie, on the Boal Avenue porch, pulled back the storm door and knocked.

        That's when he felt something sharp in his left side. A man behind him said, “Gimme your money!”

        At first, the 30-year officer didn't get it. He said, “What?”

        The man repeated: “Gimme your money.”

        Spc. Ficker reached for his gun. The man ripped the officer's coat pocket and ran, with the investigator close behind. The chase ended a couple of blocks away when the man, a knife still in his hand, lay down and gave up.

        David Joseph Moore was charged with aggravated robbery, accused of using a deadly weapon while attempting to steal from the officer.

        The 21-year-old Highland Heights man also was charged with robbing the Prospect Hill Market, Liberty Hill, on Feb. 25.

        In that incident, a man passed a threatening note to clerk Barbara Kitchen and left with $100.

        Spc. Ficker linked Mr. Moore to that crime as he was running after him and thinking he fit the description of the market robber. Spc. Ficker said Mr. Moore admitted that robbery to him.

        Asked if he ever experienced something like this in his three decades as an officer, Spc. Ficker replied, “Uh, no.”



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