Thursday, February 28, 2002

Chieftains crazy like a fox

By Larry Nager
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        “After the Fox,” the Cincinnati Pops/Chieftains' version of “Chasing the Fox,” was recorded at Riverbend in July.

        It comes from the group's more classical side.

        “We were asked to do the Cincinnati Pops series,” Chieftains piper and spokesman Paddy Moloney recalls. “and they encouraged me to do a new piece.”

        “It's a great one to have on there, because it has that live feeling as well, which is something I wanted to get across on the album,” he says.

        The tune will also be on the next Cincinnati Pops CD, A Celtic Spectacular, due out March 26.

        “I thought it would be a great one to include as a new track on The Wide World Over. I was going to put an orchestral tune on, and I just thought this would have all the connections. It (fox hunting) was a very popular sport in Ireland.”

        The very visual piece tells the story of a hunt from the fox's viewpoint. Mr. Moloney, who doesn't approve of fox hunting, has his prey escape in the end. It opens with a stately brass “Tally Ho,” but from then it's the fox's game.

        “I'm anti-blood sport, so what I did in this particular one, when you hear that squawk on the pipes, which means the poor old fox has gone for his tea, just imagine you're watching a Disney cartoon and the fox very cleverly opens one eye and says, "Ha ha, I fooled them.' And off he goes again. So, that is what I incorporated into that arrangement. I think it's a fun piece.”


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