Thursday, February 28, 2002

Project can help teach 'Lesson'

        Get as many people as you can to read the same book; then, pull together as many of those readers as possible to talk about the book. It's a simple idea that has captured the imagination of readers in cities and even entire states around the country.

        Seattle, Kentucky, Rochester, Chicago and Buffalo have all tried it. The Cleveland and Bloomington areas just announced similar efforts. New York City is mulling the idea.

        Now, Greater Cincinnati is about to embark on its own community-wide reading project. But ours, On the Same Page, has a distinct twist, because we set out to select a book that focuses on issues of race.

        It's no secret that race relations are strained in our community. Many of those who sent in nominations in December and January expressed the hope that the book selected would open new avenues of discussion and lead to greater understanding among all races in our community.

        We think Ernest J. Gaines' novel A Lesson Before Dying will do that. So, please join us On the Same Page in March and April.

        Local libraries and bookstores are stocking extra copies of the book, and there will be many opportunities to join in book discussions. To find out more about the project and how you can become involved, visit the Web site www.Cincinnati.Com/bookclub.


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