Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Snow news is bad news

Winter or spring? Weather nice while it lasted

By Randy Tucker
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        After hitting a springlike peak Monday, the Tristate's weather roller-coaster will take a bone-chilling plunge today.

        Temperatures, which climbed to 63 Monday, are expected to start out in the upper 30s today and drop sharply to the high teens tonight, according to AccuWeather meteorologists.

        The forecast also calls for rain mixed with snow today, and flurries on Wednesday.

        Some area residents on Monday reacted to the forecast with resignation, others with defiance.

        “Guess I'll have to grab my hat and coat before I leave for work tomorrow,” 31-year-old Brian Davis of Mount Lookout said while eating his lunch downtown at Fountain Square.

        “I'll just have to enjoy (the warm weather) while I can,” he said.

        Said Heather Atwood, who was walking her dog across Fountain Square on her day off Monday, “I know it's still February, but I thought we had seen the last of the really cold weather.”

        The 30-year-old downtown woman said she refuses to get out her cold-weather gear — no matter how cold it gets.

        “I've been running around in a light jacket and jeans for most of the week. I had my heavy coat cleaned and put away” in storage, she said.

        The average high for this time of year is in the upper 40s.

        The record high for Feb. 25 was 75, set in 2000. The record low was minus 7 degrees, set in 1967.

        Brian Coniglio, a National Weather Service forecaster, said the cause of the swift weather change was a strong cold front in the West that will be coming through by mid-morning today. He said it will stay cold for a few days.

        Temperatures will struggle to rise out of the 30s by the weekend, Mr. Coniglio said.


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