Saturday, February 23, 2002

Bomb squad removes shells

By Jim Hannah
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        COVINGTON — A auction house item closed a neighborhood Friday when police were called to remove artillery shells from a bucket inside the trunk of a woman's car.

[photo] Firefighter Steve Sweeney of the Cincinnati Fire Department Bomb Squad, carries a canister and a bucket containing military ordinance to a containment vessel on a Latonia street.
(Patrick Reddy photo)
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        Marcia Wehrman-Deuschle drove around Northern Kentucky with the three unexploded shells in her Chevrolet before calling authorities.

        “They were my sons' warheads,” Ms. Wehrman-Deuschle said. The shells were among items auctioned from her late husband's estate.

        “I decided they looked kind of dangerous, so I called the ATF in Washington. They told me to call my local fire department.”

        The Cincinnati Fire Department's bomb squad arrived on 41st Street shortly before 3 p.m. and quickly blocked off several streets in the Latonia neighborhood. The area remained closed for about an hour as bomb technicians removed the shells, possibly from World War II.

        “They were marked "Practice Military Ordnance,'” said bomb technician Steve Sweeney, “but any military ordnance can be hazardous. You have to use caution.”

        Ms. Wehrman-Deuschle said the word “peace” was written on the outside of the shells.

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