Monday, February 18, 2002

You asked for it

Airport routing backed

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Why does the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) route motorists from southbound Interstate 71 and westbound Columbia Parkway to the airport using Interstate 471 and Interstate 275? Have ODOT officials not looked at a Kentucky map to realize how much farther it is to go their recommended route versus going I-75/71 to I-275?
       Dan Carter

        ANSWER: The directional signing to the airport along I-71 and Columbia Parkway routes motorists to I-471 instead of I-75/71 because traffic generally is lighter on I-471 than it is on the Brent Spence Bridge. While there is additional mileage, using I-471 results in less travel time, said Kim Patton, ODOT spokeswoman.

        Q: The traffic lights at the intersection of Smith and Williams roads in Norwood are poorly designed. The Smith Road signals are only onpoles at the beginning of the intersection. If you are the lead carand you stop at the red light, it is difficult to see the light without looking straight up. Also, if you go into the middle of the intersectionto turn left, there is no light to guide you. Can Norwood officials remedy this situation?

        A: Norwood Safety-Service Director Jack Cameron agrees the location of signals at this location is not ideal — most likely due to a design flaw years ago. Stop bars in the pavement are located far enough from the signals to allow motorists to view them. Mr. Cameron said redesigning the signalization at this time would be expensive, but a redesign will be implemented the next time the intersection is upgraded.

        Q: Does Hamilton County have any plans to upgrade Harrison Avenue west of the Harrison/Rybolt/Interstate 74 interchange? The road is a mess. It's a four-lane that is uneven and causes inattentive drivers to cross the double yellow lines.

        Dick Young
       Colerain Township

        A: Tim Gilday, county planning and design engineer, said officials are aware of the condition of Harrison and plans have been developed to upgrade it. However, the county doesn't have the money to proceed. Without funding, a time schedule for the project cannot be determined.

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