Saturday, February 09, 2002

Q&A with Perry and Schmidt

XU fans began making their stand in '80s

By Michael Perry and Neil Schmidt
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Now that ownership of the nation's longest winning streak has moved from Clifton to Roselawn, it's about time we got a Xavier question or two. Keep 'em coming.

        Q, from Tom in Marietta, Ohio: When Xavier begins its games, the fans stand until XU scores. When and how did that tradition begin?

        A: Kay Lynne Kaple, a teacher at Sherwood Elementary in the Forest Hills School District, got to brag about this recently. She was at an XU home game recently when the man next to her, a newcomer, said, “This idea is so cool.” She excitedly told him, “I started this!”

        Kaple taught aerobics to XU's men's team and was the school's cheerleading coach for five years beginning in the mid-1980s. Her parents, who live in Lima, were telling her one night about how long they had to cheer before the first basket at a Lima Senior High School game.

        “I said, "What are you talking about,' and when they explained the concept I thought it was really cool,” Kaple said. “I decided we were going to try this, but before both halves instead of just the first half like Lima did.”

        In 1987, she started running off sheets of paper to explain the concept, and her cheerleaders put them on the seats at Cincinnati Gardens before games. As she recalls, it took several games before the crowd took to it.

        Kaple laughs when describing the longest the crowd had to wait for the first score. It was the beginning of the Crosstown Shootout on Feb. 1, 1989, when she recalls XU going scoreless about eight minutes, spanning three timeouts. UC won the game 86-76.


        Q, from Patrick in Delhi: Could you please give us a list of the recruiting classes for next basketball season: UC, Xavier, Miami and Kentucky.

        A: UC has three signees: Eric Hicks, a 6-foot-6 forward from Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley; Armein Kirkland, a 6-8 swingman from Tyler (Texas) Robert E. Lee; and Chadd (CQed!!!) Moore, a 6-2 guard from Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy. It also has a verbal commitment from Tony Bobbitt, a 6-4 guard from the College of Southern Idaho.

        XU has five signees: Dedrick Finn, a 6-foot point guard from Newburgh (Ind.) Castle; Brandon Cole, a 6-7 forward from Richton Park (Ill.) Rich South; Randy Holbrook, a 6-10 center/forward from Odessa (Texas) Junior College; Anthony Myles, a 6-9 forward from Olney (Ill.) Central College; and Angelo Smith, a 6-8 forward/center from Indianapolis Lawrence North.

        Kentucky signed three: Antwain Barbour, a 6-5 swingman from Wabash Valley (Ill.) Community College; Brandon Stockton, a 5-11 guard from Glasgow (Ky.); and Bernard Cote, a 6-9 forward from Champlain-St. Lambert in Quebec, Canada.

        Miami has two signees: Josh Hausfeld, a 6-3 guard from Roger Bacon; and John Morningstar, a 6-10 forward/center from Goshen (Ind.) Concord.


        Q, from Patrick in Pleasant Ridge: XU's RPI is No. 23, but on our projected seed is an eighth seed. (Since this e-mail arrived, it has been switched to a seventh seed.) I don't understand given the criteria that the Selection Committee sets forth year after year: 1.) XU does not have any “bad” losses, 2.) XU has a relatively strong RPI, 3.) last 10 games, 10-0. Why would they project XU so low?

        A: First, remember that the projections made by these “bracketology” gurus aren't their own rankings of teams. They are their best guesses at what the Selection Committee would do.

        The picks are made by Joe Lunardi, who is the radio analyst for Saint Joseph's and thus an Atlantic 10 fan. If you think he's picking low, know that he predicted XU as a No. 8 seed last year but it ended up with an 11 seed.

        XU has no bad losses but lacks a big-time victory; the top-rated team it has beaten is Kent State (44 RPI). If the Selection Committee would rate XU lower than its RPI, it might be just because of a perception that the A-10 is weaker than usual this season.


        Q, from Cathy in Mount Washington: Why would Richmond's AD think that the Musketeers' celebration after they won a game was taunting? Would he say the same thing about the Spiders if they would have won and celebrated on the court?

        A: Before he calmed down, Richmond AD Jim Miller said, “It's one thing to celebrate in front of your own fans at home, but you shouldn't act like that in someone else's gym.” So he likely would have excused his own players if they had won the game.

        One man's description of “celebrating” is another man's “taunting.” Your opinion usually depends on whether you won or lost the game.


        Q, from Rick: Where can I get a Bob Huggins bobble-head doll? Do they exist? If not, why not?

        A: We have not seen any. But we'll put this question out there and see if any sports memorabilia establishments step up to tell us differently.


        Q, from Dave: I haven't heard what Kenny Satterfield is doing now. I couldn't find his name on an NBA team.

        A: Satterfield is on the Denver Nuggets' roster but rarely plays. He has appeared in eight games. He is 6-of-22 from the field (.273), 3-of-8 from 3-point range (.375) and 7-of-7 from the foul line. His scoring high was eight points against San Antonio (Dec. 21). He played a career-high 12 minutes against Seattle (Jan. 19).


        Q, from Kris in Harrison: What's the word on Lenny Cooke? I heard Cincy was interested in him. I hope they don't waste their time with him; they already have solid wing guards. I also heard Eric Hicks might have to go the junior college route. Also, is (Bob) Huggins gonna switch the starting five up? Maybe put (Jason) Maxiell at (center) and (Taron) Barker at the (point) and let (Steve) Logan play off the ball. Thanks.

        A: UC has recruited Cooke, a 6-6 forward from Old Tappan, N.J., but there hasn't been any contact recently. Cooke is not playing high school ball. He has also not achieved the academic requirements to be eligible as a college freshman. Cooke talked last summer about going right to the NBA but recently has said he wants to go to college. St. John's is considered the leader.

        Hicks has months to continue working toward becoming academically eligible for next season. It's too early to say what his options might be if that doesn't happen.

        We doubt Huggins is going to change the lineup on a team that is 21-2. He loves having a versatile, energizing player like Maxiell coming off the bench at either frontline position. And Barker will not crack the starting lineup this season. When Huggins wants Logan off the ball, Immanuel McElroy brings it up court.

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