Friday, February 08, 2002

Men say Valentine's Day is 'girl thing'

        Guys don't know what they want for Valentine's Day.

        Or they know what they want, but won't tell a strange woman nosing into their private lives at Tower Place Mall, downtown.

        Last week, I devoted two lunch hours politely introducing myself and asking men what they wanted for Valentine's Day.

        The most frequent responses were mischievous grins and gift ideas we can't buy in stores or print in a family newspaper. After rephrasing the question to, “What would you like your sweetheart to buy you for Valentine's Day?” we got knitted brows, nervous glances and, finally, some answers.

        Many seemed to think Valentine's Day was a “girl thing.” Others seemed surprised anyone would ask them or care what they wanted.

        The nicest observation was that many, especially those with children, said they just wanted uninterrupted romantic time with their sweethearts.

        “Men don't want much. They just want to be alone with their wives — and for her to dress up in a negligee,” one man said.

        Here's a sampling of what other men would like for Valentine's Day:

        • Car wash and detailing.

        • Bearcat's hat.

        • Weekend in New York.

        • New basketball.

        • Peace and quiet.

        • Baby sitter so we can go out to dinner.

        • Day with no fighting.

        • Shirt and tie.

        • Card and one red rose.

        • Love letter.

        • Professional body massage.

        • Candlelight dinner.

        • Weekend at a spa for both of us.

— Joy Kraft


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