Monday, February 04, 2002

You Asked For It

Left-turn signal will be installed

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Why isn't there a left turn signal from northbound Hamilton Avenue onto North Bend Road in College Hill?
        Jack Finamore
        College Hill

        ANSWER: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said conditions at this intersection have been reviewed and the installation of a left turn arrow for northbound Hamilton Avenue is justified. The left turn arrows for north and southbound traffic will need to be controlled by sensors in the street and installation of sensors can only occur during warm weather. Work will be completed by May 15.

        Q: My question concerns the interchange between Ronald Reagan Highway and Kenwood Road/Blue Ash Road in Blue Ash. To access eastbound Ronald Reagan from either Kenwood or Blue Ash Road, or to access Kenwood/Blue Ash from eastbound Ronald Reagan, there had been a three-way stop. However, one of the stop signs has been removed, and traffic coming from Kenwood Road to enter eastbound Ronald Reagan now has the right-of-way. Traffic accessing eastbound Ronald Reagan from Blue Ash Road must stop and yield to the traffic coming from Kenwood. Why was this change implemented? Why is the eastbound side different from the westbound access ramps?
        Mitchell Cooke
        Blue Ash

        A: Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), said a stop sign was added as a temporary measure during reconstruction of the Ronald Reagan Highway, which resulted in a three-way stop at this intersection. After construction, the area was restored to a two way stop. The eastbound side of the interchange differs from the westbound because traffic counts on one side warrant a signal, whereas counts on the other side do not.

        UPDATE: Several weeks ago, Don Canaan of Sycamore Township, asked if a stop sign or traffic signal at Chaucer Drive and Reading Road (U.S., 42) could be installed to better allow motorists access to Reading Road.

        Mrs. Patton said a traffic signal warrant analysis found none of the requirements for installation of a traffic signal are being met.

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