Sunday, February 03, 2002

Page Two Power Rankings

        Enquirer Page Two staff's Power Rankings for this week.

Thumbs up

               1. Great American Ball Park. OK, so it's still basically a steel and concrete shell, but it's getting there. And, unbelievably, it's getting there on schedule and under budget. Imagine that.

        2. The UC Bearcats. The doubters bark it out: No non-league challenges; C-USA is awful; they'll choke in the second round. ENOUGH. No apologies are necessary after a 20-game winning streak.

        3. Super Bowl commercials. Sad but true, they've darn near become a bigger attraction than the game. Or, at least as popular as those pools with the squares.

        4. Tubby Smith. The UK coach silenced his legions of critics — at least temporarily — with that victory at fifth-ranked Florida.

        5. High school basketball. Sure, it's not quite as popular as prep football in these parts. But it has been a great season, both boys and girls, on both sides of the river.

Thumbs down

               1. The Super Bowl. Well, sure it's the championship game of the most popular league in sports. But why is it such a letdown all the time?

        2. The Cyclones. Hey, minor-league hockey and promotions go hand in hand. We even get NASCAR night, as bizarre as that marriage seems. But the promo about winning a date with a player? Sounds a bit desperate.

        3. Mike Tyson. He's just a mess. Put it this way: Are there any cells left at Guantanamo Bay?

        4. The Bengals. Poor, poor, destitute Bengals. Hey, why not raise tickets prices by $6 per ducat instead of $4? That'd be a nice round $1 per victory.

        5. Kentucky and Alabama football programs. Probation arrives. Nothing worse than cheating and still being bad.


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