Monday, January 21, 2002

You asked for it

Road work interrupts mall lights

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: When driving south on Colerain Avenue (U.S. 27) during the rush hour, there is a timing problem. After the light at Colerain and Springdale Road turns green, the next light, about 150 yards away, turns red. This light serves a secondary entrance to Northgate Mall. When this light turns green, the signal at the main entrance to the mall is still red, stopping traffic longer. Why can't the light at the secondary entrance be flashing during this period? - Dick Robinson, Colerain Township

        ANSWER: Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said the northern driveway to Northgate Mall is under reconstruction as part of improvements being made along Colerain in front of the shopping center. The loop detectors for the traffic signal had to be removed to make the road improvements. The loop detectors soon will be repaired by the contractor, she said.

        Q: Are there any plans to widen the exit ramp for Tylersville Road off Interstate 75 north? It allows for three lanes at the light but is too narrow near the exit to accommodate three lanes.The result is a dangerous backup in the right lane of I-75 just before the exit. - Sharon Barasch, Mason

        A: The ramp was designed to be widest near the junction with Tylersville where traffic speeds have decreased, Mrs. Patton said. That's why the widening does not extend down the ramp. The major problem here is that the center right-turn-only lane is underused. If more motorists use the center lane, backups will be reduced, she said.

        Q: I would like to know, why is there a “No Turn On Red” sign at Trenton Avenue and West Eighth Street in Price Hill? - B. Welch,

        Price Hill

        A: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the “No Turn on Red” sign was installed at Trenton and West Eighth after two pedestrian accidents — the direct result of drivers attempting to turn right on red without giving pedestrians right of way.

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