Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Cops tired of long workweek

Chief agrees to reconsider 6-day rotation

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Cincinnati police officers who have complained about being tired because they often work six days in a row might get new work schedules.

        Department officials are considering changing the rotating six- day work schedule to a rotating five-day work schedule in which officers would work eight hours and 32 minutes every one of those five days.

        Currently, officers get rotating off days — Monday and Tuesday one week, then Tuesday and Wednesday the next week, and so on. When their rotation days fall on the weekend, they also get a third day, giving them two three-day weekends in a row.

        While those weekends are nice, working six days in a row gets tiring, said FOP president Roger Webster. He said he heard a lot of complaints about work schedules while campaigning for the FOP job, which he got last month.

        “When you get to that fifth day, you're tired,” Officer Webster said. “When the sixth comes around, you're exhausted.”

        Still to be worked out is an agreement between the union and the police department that says that 32 minutes on the new schedule won't constitute overtime.

        “I'd love to do it for them,” Chief Tom Streicher said. “But it can't cost me any money.”

        He told Assistant Chief Rick Janke to look into it.


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