A brush with emotion
        “Yeah, I'm the color guy,” says Kim Krause, standing before a brilliant cerulean blue canvas of layered paint. He is talking about his solo show at the Linda Schwartz Gallery, which opened Friday.

Ask A Stupid Question
        Question: “My 8-year-old grandson wants to know why people in cartoons talk only in capital letters.”

KIESEWETTER: 'Scrubs' set in real hospital
        NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — As we pulled into the parking lot from Riverside Drive, the first thing I saw was the huge sign: “Attention! This hospital is closed to the public.”

'Gratitude attitude' pays off with gift from a child
        As the holiday approached, I had torn my hair out running to stores to find the perfect gifts that would make everyone else happy. Before going to sleep Christmas Eve, I looked at all I was blessed with and vowed to do better finding the joy in what I had.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

Bon Jovi hopes to rock 'Ally' ratings
        PASADENA, Calif. — Most shows bolster sagging ratings with a baby or a wedding. Producers of quirky Ally McBeal hope to rebuild audience interest with a 10-year-old child and a rockin' boyfriend, Jon Bon Jovi.

Opening act steals show from McKnight
        Brian McKnight wondered aloud if the crowd was asleep. Not just in the concert-cliche, get-'em-to-cheer way, either. The R&B star really seemed to think the crowd was sleeping.

Hatebreed alone glitters in metal lineup
        Saturday's five-band metal blowout at Bogart's amounted to less than an hour of worthwhile entertainment in the end of the night, preceded by more than three hours of filler and intermissions.

Curtain closes on 'Fantasticks'
        NEW YORK — Try to remember a time when The Fantasticks wasn't running at the tiny Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village. After nearly 42 years and 17,162 performances, that time has come.

Supplements useless without healthy eating, exercise
        Question: What is your opinion on weight-control products, such as Xenadrine and Body Solutions and products such as Fat Grabber?

Fit Bits
        Ways to stay active and healthy.

Film brings Twain to life
        Just when we thought we knew everything about Mark Twain, along comes Ken Burns to open our eyes. What more could Mr. Burns, the award-winning filmmaker, tell us about the famous author and humorist? Plenty.
Memorable Twain quotes
Things Twain didn't say

Holiday audiences break records
        Cincinnati's theater, dance and concert stages kept the recession at bay during December as more than 165,000 people enjoyed holiday fare.

Year in Tempo: Then and now
        A lot can change in a year. Here are some examples.
Gelfand: Classical music
McGurk: Best movies of 2001
Kiesewetter: Television
Nager: Pop music
Demaline: Theater
Martin: Taste

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