Sunday, January 13, 2002

Political innies and outies

        I love “What's in, what's out” columns. So I'm going to do one on Northern Kentucky's political, business and cultural scene.

        If you're an “out,” all it means is you won't be in the news as much this year as last.

        If you're an “in,” don't get too cocky. You'll probably be an “out” next year.

        • Out — Assistant U.S. Attorney David Bunning. In — Likely U.S. federal judge David Bunning.

        • Out — Republican unity. In — Republican primaries.

        • Out — Anti-abortion laws in Frankfort. In — Anti-cloning laws in Frankfort.

        • Out — Problems in Ludlow. In — Successes in Ludlow.

        • Out — Fiscal courts that fight. In — Fiscal courts that get along.

        • Out — The Millennium Tower. In — Newport on the Levee.

        • Out — Bashing slots at race tracks. In — Supporting slots at race tracks.

        • Out — Bobby Crittendon getting booted as mayor of Dayton. In — Bobby Crittendon running for mayor of Dayton.

        • Out — Cincinnati's riverfront. In — Bellevue's riverfront.

        • Out — Tim Alexander as a rising Republican star. In — Trey Grayson as a rising Republican star.

        • Out — Jaimie Henson as a rising Democratic star. In — Nathan Smith as a rising Democratic star.

        • Out — Frankfort Senate Republicans. In — Frankfort House Democrats.

        • Out — Rebuilding Ky. 17. In — Rebuilding Ky. 16.

        • Out — Power breakfasts in hotel restaurants. In — Power lunches at Mitchell's Fish Market.

        • Out — Airport noise. In — Airport security.

        • Out — Raising taxes in Kenton County. In — Rebating taxes in Kenton County.

        • Out — Developing the Beverly Hills site. In — Developing Wiedemann Hill.

        • Out — Young professionals moving out to big homes in Independence, Alexandria and Hebron. In — Young professionals moving to Roebling Row in Covington.

        • Out — Restoring the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. In — Restoring the Odd Fellows Hall.

        • Out — Gubernatorial candidates shunning Northern Kentucky. In — Gubernatorial candidates courting Northern Kentucky.

        • Out — Enterprise zones. In — Sexually oriented business zones.

        • Out — Avoiding Monmouth Street. In — Shopping on Monmouth Street.

        • Out — Empty buildings on Madison Avenue. In — Thriving buildings on Madison Avenue.

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