Monday, December 17, 2001

Fighting cancer one step at a time

By Allen Howard
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Jim Hickey, 40, will resume his walk across the country today to raise money for the City of Hope cancer research.

        He has been in Cincinnati since Tuesday, passing out fliers for Liz Marksteiner, a local cancer patient. A fund-raiser for Ms. Marksteiner was held Saturday in Liberty Township. He got involved after reading about her in The Enquirer.

        “I am dedicating whatever I am able to raise here to her,” Mr. Hickey said.

        Today he heads for St. Louis in his quest to raise $100,000.

        Mr. Hickey said he is driven by the death of his father, Lawrence Hickey, who died in 1995 at age 57 of prostate cancer.

        He has a brother who had prostate surgery and is now cancer free.

        As he walks and talks with people, he is mindful that he could get the disease.

        “I am going to go to the VA hospital in St. Louis to get a PSA test.

        PSA is a blood test that can detect the level of an antibody indicative of prostate cancer.

        Mr. Hickey said he is more confident he will finish the trip this time. He walked 2,154 miles when he started the walk in 1998 and went as far as New Mexico.

        “This time I will be joined by a support car in St. Louis,” he said. Two college students will take time off from school to follow him in the car.

        He said he has walked 640 miles since he started in New Jersey on Sept. 5.

        He has received help from the American Legion and the Eagles Lodge.

        In Cincinnati he has been given rooms at the Holiday Inns in Sharonville and Eastgate and at the Marriott in Sharonville.


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