Monday, December 03, 2001

You Asked For It

Upgrades planned in Loveland

        QUESTION: In the Loveland area near Interstate 275, several intersections are nightmares during rush hour because they either have four way stops, or nothing at all. Are there any plans to install signals at Branch Hill Guinea and LovelandMiamiville roads, Wards Corner and Branch Hill Guinea roads and Loveland Miamiville and Wards Corner roads? Karin Fritsch, Loveland

        ANSWER: Joe Uecker, administrator for the Clermont County engineer, said the county has
secured state and federal grant money for signals and widening. The intersections to be improved are Branch Hill Guinea and Wards Corner roads, Loveland Miamiville and Branch Hill Guinea roads and Branch Hill Guinea at Cook and Weber roads. Wards Corner and Loveland Miamiville road is not.

        Q: At the intersection of Glenway, Warsaw, Quebec, and Seton avenues in Price Hill, as it stands now, Seton and Quebec have green lights at the same time, with signs telling drivers that left turning traffic must yield to traffic from the right. These signs constantly are ignored or missed. Would it be possible set the Seton and Quebec lights to turn green at at the same time? Steven Cohn, Price Hill
Cincinnati Traffic engineer Steve Bailey reviewed the signalization and timing at this intersection but determined that recommendation wouldreduce a significant amount green sequence time for traffic on heavily traveled Glenway Avenue. No changes are planned.

        Q. Parked cars create serious visibility problems at the intersection of McMillan Street and Grandview in Walnut Hills. Traffic here is heavy with Mercy Montessori Center and St. Ursula Academy students. Turning left from Grandview onto McMillan is very difficult. Can parking restrictions be reviewed to slow down traffic? Susan Beckert, Clifton

        A. Mr. Bailey said visibility in both directions at this intersection is adequate to make safe turns. Accident records reveal no unusual problems. Therefore, there is no justification to limit parking.

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