Wednesday, November 21, 2001

School events raising money

By Sue Kiesewetter
Enquirer Contributor

        WEST CHESTER TOWNSHIP — For the past three days, students at Freedom Elementary School have been jumping to Top 40 hits.

[photo] Freedom Elementary fifth-graders Kevin Sims (left) and Terron Moton elevate for the Jump Rope for Heart fund-raising drive. Terron says it also helps him get in shape for basketball.
(Michael Snyder photo)
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        And the American Heart Association has benefited.

        The school's 780 students have spent their 40-minute phys ed class jumping rope as part of the Tenth Annual Jump Rope for Heart event. Teams of five or six students take turns jumping rope for three to four minutes.

        Fifth grader Terron Moton tries to jump as high as he can.

        “I like to jump rope. I can jump high,” Terron said. “I'm on the basketball team. I'm short and the ball won't go in unless I jump. So this is good practice for me.”

        By Tuesday afternoon, the students had collected more than $3,000, said Ginger Hemsworth, the school's physical education teacher. Collections conclude next week.

        In the nine years, the school has participated in the event, Freedom Elementary School students have donated more than $59,000, said Maggie Brennan, youth market manager. In Hamilton, Butler and Clermont counties, 149 schools participate. Last year, they raised $165,000. This year the goal is $200,000, Ms. Brennan said.

        But raising money isn't the only goal, said Ginger Hemsworth, the school's physical education instructor.

        "It's a great aerobic activity and a lifetime skill,” Ms. Hemsworth said.

        “I like it because it helps my legs. It makes them move faster for running,” said Aja Byrd, 10.

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