Monday, November 19, 2001

Outdoor activity options expand

Public Service Park grows on Ky. 17

By Terry Flynn
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        FORT WRIGHT — A half-mile walking trail, outdoor education classrooms and an amphitheatre are planned for a recreation facility that is part of Sanitation District No.1's expansion on Ky. 17.

        Working with the city of Fort Wright, sanitation district officials have created a master site plan for expansion of the district offices on Eaton Drive at Ky. 17 and I-275. It calls for a recreation facility to be known as Public Service Park.

Places to play
               “We are always looking for recreational opportunities,” said Fort Wright City Administrator Larry Klein. “This is a great situation for us, being included in the sanitation district's plans for the park.”

        Mr. Klein said the idea of a park on the 20-acre sanitation district site fits well with the development along Ky. 17 that is expected to continue in the next few years.

Oasis amid buildings
               “We think eventually there will be so much activity in this area, it will be nice to have some green space across the road from the restaurants and other development,” he said.

        The park also will benefit from the 4,000 feet of sidewalk the city is extending down Highland Pike, past the

        city nature center, to Ky. 17. That road also will eventually have sidewalks.

        “We see this fitting in with everything we want to do,” Mr. Klein said. “We want development, but it's nice to have a balance with some recreation and green space.”

        The idea for an amphitheatre in the park came from Fort Wright Mayor Gene Weaver.

        Sanitation District spokeswoman Peggy Ziegler said funding for the amphitheatre, which would seat about 200 people, has not been finalized.

Focal point
               “We may develop the park in phases as funding becomes available,” she said. “The amphitheatre probably would be the focal point of the park, bringing attention to all those people who supply services to the community such as fire, police, water and sewer.”

        The walking trail will make a long loop that generally follows Banklick Creek through a mostly wooded area behind the present sanitation district offices.

Educational displays
               In addition to outdoor education classes, the sanitation district will conduct education in storm water management with displays of the best management practices such as permeable pavement, wet and dry detention basins and a green (forest) roof.

        City and district officials will gather at the construction site today at 4 p.m. for the groundbreaking ceremony.


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