The boot steps out
        The biggest footprint on the winter fashion scene is being made by the boot.

Lilias' cartoon celebrates her twists
        Lilias Folan got her Borgman original the hard way: 30 years tied up in knots teaching people yoga.

Down and out welcome on her farm
        Life is good at the Zordel home in Williamstown, where dogs and cats outnumber people but all tallies are subject to change.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

Jarvi's pairing of new, old electrifies audience
        Paavo Jarvi's program Thursday night at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra explored two opposite poles. But the energy created by pairing the avant-garde Violin Concerto by Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tuur with Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 resulted in a buzz after the concert such as has not been heard here in years.

No-show Eminem hurts D12 show
        It seems hip-hop justice worked itself out as Eminem's star soars and his Detroit buddies D12 lag behind.

Read about race
We invite Tristaters to read a book that touches on issues of race so we might close the racial divide.

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