Friday, November 16, 2001

Lilias Folan's cartoon celebrates her twists and turns

By Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer

[photo] Lilias Folan and her favorite Borgman
(Craig Ruttle photo)
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        Sixth in a series celebrating cartoonist Jim Borgman's work
Lilias Folan got her Borgman original the hard way: 30 years tied up in knots teaching people yoga — first on PBS stations (Lilias, Yoga and You), later in private classes.

        When the Enquirer asked readers to “Show Us Your Borgman,” she was happy to comply. Her original came from a 1995 Bethany House fund-raiser celebrating her 30 years of teaching. “Jim did the cartoon for the invitation, and I was so thrilled when he presented it to me.

        “Today, it's one of my most highly prized possessions.

        How prized? This prized: It hangs in the office of her Loveland home, “right below a picture of me teaching a yoga class to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. I see both pieces hanging there every day when I'm in town. I can't imagine a day without them.”

        Ms. Folan, for the record, continues to teach yoga — it's more than 36 years now — in Cincinnati and all over the world, sometimes to basic students, sometimes to gatherings of other yoga instructors.

        Saturday: IRS in the picture

        Coming Sunday: A special Borgman anniversary section


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