Friday, November 16, 2001

Murgatroyd socks away more cash than Hughes

By Patrick Crowley
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        COVINGTON — Republican Kenton County Judge-executive Dick Murgatroyd has an edge in fund-raising over Democrat Patrick Hughes as the candidates head into the 2002 election year.

        Mr. Murgatroyd's campaign reported this week it raised $61,775 over the last year for a total of $115,048. The campaign spent $25,104 and had a cash on hand balance of $89,943 as of Nov. 2, the end of the annual finance reporting period.

        Mr. Hughes' campaign announced in early October it raised $68,165 through the end of September and had $67,554 cash on hand.

        After viewing Mr. Murgatroyd's report, Kenton County Democrats claimed his campaign should be in a stronger financial position.

        Kenton County Democratic Chairman Nathan Smith said the Republicans squandered the power of incumbency and the county's GOP base by not raising more money.

        “At this stage, an incumbent should have outraised us 2-to-1,” Mr. Smith said. “But they raised only $61,000, and just $16,000 since Patrick Hughes got in the race (Oct. 5). And they spent $25,000. That's great for us because it looks like a lot of big-time donors are abandoning a sinking ship.”

        But the Democrats also had to backpedal after some in the party boasted that Mr. Hughes would have as much cash on hand as Mr. Murgatroyd.

        Republicans say they are satisfied with the amount of money Mr. Murgatroyd has and that they'll outraise Mr. Hughes.

        “Now that we have an opponent, our supporters and our donors are going to be energized,” Kenton County Republican Chairman Greg Shumate said. “We'll raise the money we need and we'll raise more money than Patrick Hughes.”


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