Thursday, November 15, 2001

Blackwell makes case for Borgman

By Jim Knippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Fifth in a series celebrating cartoonist Jim Borgman's work

[photo] Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and his favorite Borgman
(Enquirer photo)
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        Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell wonders: “Am I the only one Jim (Borgman) ever sicced his lawyers on?”

        Yeah, probably.

        It was 1984, and Mr. Blackwell was making noise about entering the Republican primary for Hamilton county commissioner, taking on former Commissioner Norman Murdock. “Jim drew a really biting cartoon with Norm looking like a used car salesman. Plaid suit and all. I thought I could reproduce it in my campaign literature, just like we do with news stories and editorials.”


        “I got a cease and desist.”

        He still has that one among his eight originals, but it's not his all-time favorite, and not the one he showed off when the Enquirer asked readers to Show Us Your Borgman. That would be the one former city councilwoman Bobbie Stern bought him and had all nine council members sign.

        It has to do with Mr. Blackwell's frequent, very frequent, interviews on the 6 p.m. news, usually about some raging controversy or another.

        “It was when I was leaving for Washington. It shows a clock reading 10 till six and the news anchor putting on his coat, saying that he might as well go home early, Blackwell's gone.”

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