To Britney, singing is a fantasy
        Saturday night at Firstar Center, Britney Spears' concert packed more technical wizardry than Harry Potter, but almost no actual singing. If it wasn't quite a real concert, it was a great show.

Celebrating 25 years of Borgman
        We asked readers to tell us about their Borgman cartoon. You know, how they got it, why they got it, where they keep it, that sort of thing. And they did.

PBS' 'War Letters' unfolds horror, humanity
        When Andrew Carroll began collecting U.S. war letters three years ago, he feared that young Americans living in peace couldn't understand the horrors of combat. But his collection, published in his best-selling book and adapted for TV by PBS' The American Experience (9 p.m. today, Channels 48, 54, 16), has become even more resonant since Sept. 11.
Sampling from PBS' War Letters

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

A brassy 'Blast' blows through town
        When James Mason was 7, his older sister would baby-sit. She happened to be going with a guy who played in a drum and bugle corps, so little Jimmy spent a lot of time in the stands watching practice while sis flirted.

Energetic 'Beehive' slow to catch fire
        The concert-style stage is all psychedelic oranges, pinks and sunshine yellow and emblematic flower-power daisies are splashed everywhere.

DEMALINE: Town meeting on arts slated
        In the wake of last week's election, just-folks arts enthusiasts are hoping to gather a crowd of like-minded people to do some serious arts advocacy, small and large, to let newly elected officials — city, suburb and county — know that arts matter.

Brooks comes back, but only to the '70s
        Garth Brooks' Scarecrow finds country's King of Pop trying to reclaim his '90s mega-platinum status with a '70s-style CD.

Jackson's reign at No. 1 likely brief
        Michael Jackson proved Invincible to negative reviews. His first new album in almost six years has debuted at the top of the charts, according to figures released Wednesday.

Ballet soloist reports from Lisbon
        With the Cincinnati Ballet in Portugal — its first European trip — performing Peter Pan, we asked Jay Goodlett, a company soloist and 1992 graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts, to keep a diary of the trip.

Veteran dancer again in spotlight
        Freddie Franklin can't stop dancing. This time he's dancing in a ballet choreographed especially for him and two others. Cincinnati Ballet's artistic director emeritus is 87 years old.

DAUGHERTY: Piece of paper shows we remember
        Fifty-six years later, he takes the handkerchief from his pocket and touches it to his eyes. That faraway look you sometimes see in veterans comes over Tommy Rose. He's visiting a place he'd just as soon forget, only he can't. He doesn't want you to come with him.

German, American speak the language of collecting
        Who: Steven J. Schmidt, 49, of Fort Thomas; husband, father of two, Fort Thomas police chief, student of the German language and loyal e-pal.

If your name's Bengal, it's a good year
        The Cincinnati Bengals have four wins under their triple-extra-large belts. They finished October with a winning record for the first time since George W. Bush's dad was president. Their improved play has some fans talking about the team making the playoffs.

Trapper round ups exotic, often-dangerous animals
        So right now you're thinking your chances of walking outside and running into, say, a slithering cobra or a crouching cougar are nil, right? Wrong, says Tim Harrison:

Update Thanksgiving stuffing
        Does your family's stuffing recipe come with a past? Has it been bequeathed through generations, enshrined on a yellow clip of newspaper or well-worn index card?
Few brews hint at Pilgrims' potables
        Reader Stephen Belanich of White Oak writes: “My wife enjoys preparing an authentic Thanksgiving meal each year so we can experience what was eaten by the settlers and Indians. What current beer is most like the beer served on that first Thanksgiving day?”

Korean barbecue won't bore
        Take a trip to Chung Kiwha Korean barbecue in Florence. Each table has a grill in the middle, which is filled with hot wood coals. From a buffet, you choose a wide variety of meat, seafood and vegetables to grill.

Pecans earn their place on American plates
        The pecan is a variety of the American hickory nut. Pecans were an important part of the diet of American Indians before the arrival of the European settlers.

KENDRICK: Limbaugh's now a role model for deaf
        I'm no particular fan of Rush Limbaugh. Once, quite by accident, I remember hearing his program with dismay. It was shortly after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act into law in 1990, and his remarks were disparaging, unkind, uninformed about the people for and by whom that law was written. “Defectives” he called them. And it saddened me deeply.

Good things in life can 'distract' Kevin Kline
        Some people never stop to smell the roses. Actor Kevin Kline has the opposite problem.

Photo exhibit focuses on life along Ohio River
        COLUMBUS — A canoe dry-docked across the river from gleaming white oil tanks. A shopping cart abandoned beside a pristine wooded bank. A bristling dog staring from its lair, a gritty dirt wedge between two houses.

Read about race
We invite Tristaters to read a book that touches on issues of race so we might close the racial divide.

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