Friday, November 09, 2001

Some Good News

Random kindness promoted

        Sunday begins Random Acts of Kindness Week, which will run through Nov. 17. This is a national event and the Rev. Alden Studebaker, minister of Garden Park Unity Church in Groesbeck, believes that by encouraging and inspiring people to bring more kindness into the world through their daily words and actions, we can profoundly affect the way we treat each other and ultimately make this world a kinder place.

        He said we are living on the edge since the terrorist attacks and our disturbances in Cincinnati. He thinks we can either respond with anger or kindness.

        “Participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week enables us to overcome our sense of powerlessness about the terrorist situation by doing something positive right here in our own backyard,” the Rev. Mr. Studebaker said.

        His church is promoting Random Acts of Kindness Week, not with any special program, just advancing the idea. Further, he has suggested a number of kind things to do in the workplace, home and community.

        For instance, tell one co-worker something nice about another co-worker. He even suggests that you tell your supervisor about an incident in which a co-worker was helpful.

        “If you see someone you don't know well eating lunch alone, ask to join him or her,” he said.

        Here is one the children might like. He suggests that parents do their children's chores one day. And here is a good one: “Put an appreciative note in your roommate's or spouse's pocket, briefcase or lunch box,” he said.

        Here is my favorite one: “Return shopping carts.”

        If every shopper would just place the cart in the proper area, that would be a big act of kindness.

        To get more information on how to participate in Random Acts of Kindess Week, call him at 513-385-8889.

        The spirit of the Random Acts of Kindness will start at Roger Bacon High School today. From 9-11 a.m., students will share breakfast with about 65 veterans in the cafeteria.

        “We hope to learn a lot about what these men and women went through during their service to their country,” said senior Mandy Miller, one of the event's organizers.

        Among the veterans will be Tom Griffin, who was a “Doolittle Raider,” and navigated a B-25 bomber over Tokyo in 1942. He will talk to the students about World War II.

        Students at C.O. Harrison Elementary School will perform today at 9:30 a.m. for the public. They will wear red, white and blue garrison caps signed by veterans and flag T-shirts.

        The staff at Arden Courts, 6870 Clough Pike, Anderson Township, will host a homecoming dance for the residents at 2 p.m. today.

        Allen Howard's “Some Good News” column runs Monday-Friday and Sundays. If you have suggestions about outstanding achievements, or people who are committing random acts of kindness that are uplifting to the Tristate, let him know at (513) 768-8362; at; or by fax at (513) 768-8340.


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