Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Good News: Event benefits students

        Operation School Bell of the Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati will have a fund-raiser for its philanthropic projects. The event begins with an auction at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Oasis in Loveland.

        The organization recently completed one of its projects involving five inner-city schools. The group bought clothes for 396 students from McKinley, Columbia Tusculum; Washington Park and Rothenberg, Over-the-Rhine; Porter-Hays-Washburn, West End; and Vine Street Elementary, Mount Auburn.

        Sharon Zamberlan, merchandise buyer for Operation School Bell, said it bought navy blue and white school uniforms for the students. Other items included a hooded sweat shirt, long- and short-sleeved white knit shirts, a pack of underwear and socks, a back pack and school supplies.

        “It has been proven that when children wear school uniforms, the attendance increases and they feel a source of pride because they can dress as well as the other kids,” Ms. Zamberlan said. “And teachers say it cuts down on violence.”

        The children are identified by the school's social workers as being in need of clothing. They are brought to the Assistance League headquarters by school bus and volunteers at the league help each student shop for their items.

        “The children love the one-on-one contact of shopping with their volunteers,” Ms. Zamberlan said.

        For more information, call 221-4447.

        Retired teacher Linda Urso will conduct a Toddler Readerware Party, 9-11 a.m.next Tuesday at Duvall Center, 1411 Compton Road, Mount Healthy.

        Mrs. Urso said it is similar to a Tupperware party, except you don't have to buy anything. “Just ideas to try,” she said.

        She is a reading specialist who taught in the Mount Healthy School system for 30 years.

        “We want to explore with the toddlers and parents some of the children authors,” she said. “We will give them some ideas on how to teach toddlers about the alphabets. We want to offer literary techniques to people who want them.”

        Enerfab Inc. of Winton Place presented the Red Cross with a check for $59,201.80 for disaster relief.

        Wendell Bell, president and chief executive officer of Enerfab, said the gift is from the firm's employees and was matched by the company.

        Enerfab also received a match from one of its clients, Robert Half International Inc.

        “We received a call from them saying they would match whatever we gave,” said JoAnn Jordre, Enerfab's human resources manager. “This is good. It turns one dollar into four.”

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