Historic Emmys leans toward 'West Wing'
        The TV industry rallied 'round the flag and the White House — the real one and the fictional one — at the 53rd Annual Emmy Awards.
List of Emmy winners

KIESEWETTER: New roll call on 'NYPD Blue'
        Before the inevitable comparisons, let's point out one crucial difference about Mark-Paul Gosselaar replacing Rick Schroder Tuesday on NYPD Blue:

New songs spice up Dylan show
        Bob Dylan's perpetual tour over the past several years yields shows that get a little better each time.

Online chat on fitness
        Certified personal trainer and Enquirer columnist Dave Patania answers your questions about working out and getting fit at 12:30 p.m. today at Cincinnati.com.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.
Ask A Stupid Question
        Why do birds sit on electric lines, and why do they seem to have favorite spots on them? No matter when I go by I-275 at Loveland, there are birds sitting on one particular line and in the same 20-foot space.

Wild welcome greets Potter film premiere
        LONDON — Shrieks of excitement and a blizzard of photo flashes greeted three astonished young stars at Sunday's premiere of the long-awaited film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Mysterious illness puts lives in new light
        As I approached the third hole on Sunday morning this summer, my wife, Lynn, called my cell. She hardly ever calls when I'm golfing. Before I got out “hello” she blurted, "Beth called — Todd has a brain tumor. I didn't mean to bother you, but I knew you would want to know.”

Working out at work
        What do GE, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Co., Western-Southern Life Insurance Co., Cinergy, Sun Chemical Corp., and LensCrafters have in common? All provide a corporate fitness center for their employees.

How to get your own center
        Wish your workplace had a fitness center? Here's what you and your co-workers can do, says Tri-Health's Maureen Swift:

Bad weightlifting technique can lead to injury
        About a year ago I noticed pain in my right shoulder while doing behind the neck lat pull downs. Today the pain is much greater. Do you recommend exercising this shoulder to relieve the pain?

Fit Bits
        Ways to stay active and healthy.

Proper diet can cut cancer risk
        At one time, it was thought that diet played no valuable role in preventing many of our deadliest cancers. Now, however, the National Cancer Institute estimates that at least 35 percent of all cancers have a nutritional connection.

Carlin as original, unprintable, funny as ever
        “Do you ever have chicken for lunch, and then for some reason have chicken for dinner, and then wonder if the two chickens knew each other?” That random thought, expressed by George Carlin, was one of the few moments from his show at the Taft Theatre Friday night printable in a family newspaper.

Down-home funky moe. leads jammin' journey
        Saturday, moe. came to the Taft Theatre and showed why it leads today's jam-band pack.

Malkmus bit better when on road with Pavement
        Stephen Malkmus didn't bring it up, but Pavement, the quintessential American indie-rock band of the 1990s, played its final U.S. show at Bogart's Oct. 16, 1999.

Mills, Pendergrass still feel the groove
        There was much anticipation built into Friday evening's bill of Stephanie Mills and Teddy Pendergrass at Music Hall.

Orchestras woo the rock crowd
        The musicians are among the best in the nation. And the hip, young conductor leads with blond, good looks.
Young listeners sound off
CSO evokes atmosphere of Italy

[img] Dress a turkey
Have some fun: Grab crayons, pencils or paint and enter our 13th annual contest.

Read about race
We invite Tristaters to read a book that touches on issues of race so we might close the racial divide.

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