Monday, October 08, 2001

Residents show support for Dist. 3 officers

Dozens attend rally for chance
to say 'thank you'

By Randy Tucker
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Thanks for doing a thankless job. That's how Westwood resident Michael Dunn summed up the sentiments of organizers of a rally Sunday to support Cincinnati police officers in District 3.

Sam Zenni (12) waves a US flag along Boudinot Ave. in support of police during a westside rally.
(Michael E. Keating
Cincinnati Enquirer photo)
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        The rally, which began at Harrison Street and Boudinot Avenue and ended outside District 3 headquarters at 3201 Warsaw Ave., was sponsored by the neighborhood group Westwood Concern, of which Mr. Dunn is a member.

        “With everything going on here, and everything the police have been through over the past year, we felt it was time for somebody to step up to the plate and say, "Thank you.'” he said.

        Mr. Dunn was referring to public criticism of the police department and its practices following the fatal shooting of Timothy Thomas on April 7. The shooting triggered several days of racial rioting.

        The rally attracted dozens of neighborhood residents who lined the streets, waving flags and singing “God Bless America” while motorists passing by honked their horns in support.

        Even Mr. Dunn's 6-year-old son, Zachary, did his part by presenting Lt. Col. Ron Twitty, the assistant chief who oversees all patrol officers, a handmade poster that read: “Thank You, Cincinnati Police District III.”

        “We know that 95 percent of the community supports us,” said Lt. Col. Twitty.

        “But people don't always feel the need or have the opportunity to come out and show it.”


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