Monday, October 08, 2001

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        Today's Number: 51 - Percentage of Americans who have an unfavorable opinion of the Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle, according to a recent Gallup Poll.

        Today's Career Advice: In Clients for Life: How Great Professionals Develop Breakthrough Relationships by Jagdish Sheth and Andrew Sobel, the authors suggest that top executives need to get their hands dirty with real work every once in a while.

        “As people become more senior in an organization, they are exposed to more and more projects and client situations at a very top level,” they found.

        “Yet at the same time, they actually do less and less hands-on work with specific client issues and problems.”

        Pattern-thinking, framing problems and multiple perspectives can be invaluable grounding for problem-solving for clients.

        Today's Money Tip: Buying stock on margin means buying stock with borrowed money. The stock is the collateral for the loan. By law, a brokerage firm lending money cannot let the stock price fall below about 30 percent of what it lent. At that point, the buyer will be asked to repay the loan — called a margin call.

        Today's Company: Dayton Technologies

        PLASTICS PURVEYORS: Established in 1969 as Dayton Extruded Plastics, this company got its start by making machined plastic and paper cores for computer ribbons. Its founders were Richard D. Hensley and Robert P. Buhrman.

        WINDOW TO THE FUTURE: Dayton Extruded Plastics entered the vinyl window business in 1980 and experienced rapid growth that took the company to new facilities in Springboro. Expansion of the Springboro plant and the addition of more space in Miamisburgtook place during the 1980s.

        MORE CHANGES: Consolidating all its operations into a facility in Monroe, the company changed its name to Dayton Technologies in 1995. Two years later, it became a member of Deceuninck Plastics Industries of Belgium. Today the company sells its window and door systems all over North America.

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