Sunday, October 07, 2001

Best and worst of week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:


        1. National Automobile Dealers Association: Glad to see the car dealers, after going back to check with their managers, agreed to give the NFL a deal on a brand-new, custom-made Feb.3 New Orleans Super Bowl. No word on whether or not they agreed to throw in the rust-proofing.

        2. Barry Bonds' daughters: On Thursday in Houston, with Dad stuck at 69 home runs and the walks piling up, Shikari and Aisha Lynn held up a sign that read: “Pitch to Our Daddy.” Brilliant.

        3. Rickey Henderson: Nobody seems to like Rickey Henderson, but he keeps scoring runs. Some 2,246, in fact.

        4. Cincinnati high schools: Three football teams among the top 25 in the nation. Kudos to Colerain, St.Xavier and Elder. Feels like Texas around here.

        5. He Hate Me: He's the quintessence of So Weak He's Strong. We ALL want to see him make the Eagles' active roster someday.


        1. The NFL: Ever think about the fans? What about the people who bought game tickets and plane tickets, took vacation days from work and then booked hotels for Jan.27? All that so we could see wild-card games? Gee, thanks.

        2. Penn State football: The Nittany Lions 0-4? Joe Paterno unable to score a point in Happy Valley?

        3. Astros pitchers: They walked Giants slugger Barry Bonds eight times in a three-game series and hit him with a pitch. We know nobody wants to give up the record homer, guys, but you should be man enough to pitch to him.

        4. The Reds: for being too cheap to add an extra infielder for the last week of the season.

        5. The NHL: It's a little hard to think about hockey when Barry Bonds is hitting 72 home runs, high school football teams are building homecoming floats, you're managing your fantasy NFL team and college cheerleaders still are in short sleeves.

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