Private companies post powerful numbers
        Public companies get all the attention. But if public companies are the stars of the economy, private companies are the unsung cast and crew.
11 companies break into top 100
List of Greater Cincinnati 100

Bush tax bill divides executives
        Executives polled by Andersen for the Greater Cincinnati 100 list of top privately held companies were split about the impact of the Bush tax bill on the economy.
Catalog empire thinks big
        Contrary to most national companies, Cornerstone Brands targets only 20 percent of the U.S. market. But it's the right 20 percent — the one with the most money.

Champion keeps seeing windows of opportunity
        Some companies capitalize on people updating their wardrobes, others on people updating their computer systems. Champion Window Manufacturing & Supply Co. banks on people updating their

Joseph Auto pulls into lead spot
        Joseph Auto Team is the biggest auto retailer in Greater Cincinnati — and now, it's the market's biggest privately held company.

Urge to build wanes since solid year in 2000
        Last year was a solid year for construction companies on the Greater Cincinnati 100 list compiled by Andersen for The Cincinnati Enquirer.