Monday, October 01, 2001

You asked for it

Cities fix timing of signals

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: The timing of the lights at the intersection of Galbraith and Reading roads is very slow during peak times. Traffic waiting at a stop light will back up, blocking many intersections as well as stopping on railroad tracks.
       Amy Clark-Barnhart Clifton

        ANSWER: Reading Safety-Service Director Mike Rahall said installation of a $1.6 million computerized traffic signal system has begun and should improve this intersection along with traffic flow on Reading Road through the community. The intersection is one of the five busiest in the county, Mr. Rahall said. Old detectors, which monitor traffic flow, had to be removed before the new system could be installed. Without detec tors, signalization is on a routine timing sequence which does not fluctuate by traffic density. The system will come on line gradually, with completion by spring of next year, Mr. Rahall said.

        Q: The traffic light at Collins and Eastern avenues is activated by sensors in the road but seems to have a very long cycle.
        Leo O'Neill Mount Washington

        A. Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the signal and road sensors were checked and found to be malfunctioning. Repairs have been made. Anyone who observes a malfunctioning traffic device in Cincinnati is urged to call the city's hot line: 591-6000.

        Q: Traffic signal timing at the corner of Marburg and Ibsen avenues needs to be changed. The light is a flashing stop until 6 a.m., then eastbound traffic on Marburg gets a green light for about 10 to 12 seconds while motorists have to wait for more than two minutes for the next green sequence.
       Mark Fields Oakley

       A: Construction in the area of this intersection resulted in some pavement grinding which obliterated markings on the road. Motorists were not stopping within range of pavement sensors that cycle the light, Mr. Bailey said. The city has widened the sensor range to better pick up waiting traffic.

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