Sunday, September 23, 2001

Neighbors mourn N.Y. death

Local woman's brother was among thousands killed

By Susan Vela
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Support has been overwhelming for a Walton, Ky., woman who lost her brother to terrorism last week.

        Wells Noonan Robertson, 32, of Herber Court, hopes the kindness and support continue.

        “I'm going to need it,” she said.

        Her brother — Robert Walter Noonan, 36, of Greenwich, Conn. — worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, a bond trading firm with offices on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center.

        He was at work when two jet liners crashed into the city's tallest buildings and ensuing flames caused the center's two towers to tumble.

        He had been a lifelong resident of Greenwich, but he often visited Cincinnati as a child.

        His parents attended Indian Hill High School and an aunt, Lynn Carlisle Judd of Symmes Township, remains in the area. He last visited in 1997.

        Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Judd drove to Connecticut a day after the World Trade Center was destroyed.

        Mrs. Robertson's neighborhood responded by tying ribbons around trees near her home. They also held a candlelight vigil.

        Mr. Noonan's funeral was Thursday in Greenwich.

        Mrs. Robertson is returning to Northern Kentucky early next week. She and her husband, Jeffrey, have a 14-month-old daughter, Emma.


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