Sunday, September 23, 2001

Group fears loss of liberty

By Lew Moores
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        FORT MITCHELL — John Snyder watched from his Washington D.C.-area apartment as flames billowed from the Pentagon Sept. 11. He drove to Cincinnati Wednesday full of pride for the many flags he saw along the way.

        But Mr. Snyder, and others attending the 2001 Gun Rights Policy Conference at the Drawbridge Inn here, cautioned that the temptation to restrict civil liberties in the name of security needs to be resisted.

        “A lot of people are concerned that in the legitimate desire to defend our country some may go overboard,” said Mr. Snyder, vice chairman of the Citizens Committee For the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

        The Washington state-based lobbying group co-sponsored the conference with the Second Amendment Foundation. It attracted more than 500 people for three days of seminars.

        The keynote speaker Saturday was Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association.

        “If we allow these terrorists to push the politicians into taking away our freedoms, then the terrorists have won,” he said.

        David Roth, of Green Township, is wary of attempts to tighten gun control.

        “Except for the British, we have never been invaded,” said Mr. Roth. “There's a reason for that — Americans are armed.”


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