Saturday, September 22, 2001

NYC still wants to host 2012 games

By Dan Klepal
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        New Yorkers aren't thinking about games right now, but the organization trying to bring the Olympics to New York in 2012 is moving forward with the effort after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack that brought down the World Trade Center towers.

        Dan Doctoroff, president of NYC 2012, said his organization will be present in Salt Lake City on Oct. 26 when the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announces its short list of American cities vying to host the 2012 Summer Games.

        Eight U.S. cities, including Cincinnati, are hoping to be picked by the USOC to compete internationally for the 2012 games. The USOC will whittle the list to a handful next month.

        “We are more determined than ever to become host for the 2012 games,” Mr. Doctoroff said Friday.

        Walter Veltroni, the mayor of Rome, said Wednesday that there shouldn't be an international competition if the USOC picks New York as the American candidate city. Mr. Veltroni told International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge that all international cities interested in bidding on the 2012 games should step aside.

        “If the games go to New York, it means the athletes, the spectators, the whole world, we can all be together,” Mr. Veltroni told the Associated Press. “This will show that the terrorists are defeated.”

        Mr. Doctoroff said he appreciates the idea, but he expects a competition.

        “I think it was a beautiful gesture,” Mr. Doctoroff said.

        Nick Vehr, president of Cincinnati 2012, said the USOC has told his organization it will go forward with the selection of a U.S. candidate city as planned. It is a process that started more than a year ago, and will culminate in November 2002 when the U.S. city is selected. The IOC will pick the 2012 host city in 2005.

        None of the other six U.S. cities bidding on the games — Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Tampa, Los Angeles or Washington — has said it is pulling out of the competition.


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