Monday, September 17, 2001

UC to unveil new logo today

By Ben L. Kaufman
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        The University of Cincinnati unveils its curvy new symbol today as part of its effort to create a brand or image that will appeal to students, faculty and donors.

        Gone is the blocky UC logo adopted in 1979, and with it, university officials hope, the school's lack of a marketable brand or image.

UC         In its place is a logo meant to identify UC as a more exciting, more relevant research university.

        The new red letters “UC” and“University of Cincinnati” are used together.

        The new logo will be phased in during the coming year as supplies of stationery and publications run out and must be reprinted.

        UC paid a Cincinnati brand identity consultant, LPK, for the design that would accomplish what market research said the old logo didn't.

        For $400,000, LPK did the studies, produced the design and created a handbook to guide its print and Internet use. (LPK has tackled major branding assignments for Microsoft, IBM and Procter & Gamble.)

        Guidelines allow for creativity around the logo but make clear that the old days are gone when everyone more or less designed their own UC logo.

        At this point, spokesman Greg Hand said, there is no budget to promote the new symbol beyond its use in publications, Web sites and campus signs.

        Other schools have devoted up to $1 million a year to promote their new or renewed brands.

        “If we had that million, it would go for faculty salaries,” Mr. Hand said. UC is in negotiation with its professors' union.

        Today's unveiling in the Studio Theater at the College-Conservatory of Music by President Joseph A. Steger will be the finale of the “Take Another Look at UC” program in which faculty and staff describe changes on campus.


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