Monday, September 17, 2001

Lady riders rev up for charity events

By Randy Tucker
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        About 250 members of Tristate motorcycle clubs fired up their engines and headed down the highway Sunday to raise money to fight breast cancer.

        The “Poker Run” — a self-guided ride that began in Anderson Township at AJ's Roadhouse on Kellogg Avenue and ended in Alexandria — was sponsored by the Queen City Lady Riders.

        The 40-plus member Lady Riders are the local chapter of the national Women on Wheels motorcycle club.

        The ride raised money to sponsor the Lady Riders in a semiannual national ride sponsored by their parent chapter, said Natalie Greulich, a spokeswoman for the local club. Money raised from the national cross-country bike trek will be donated to the Susan Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, Ms. Greulich said.

        Sunday's ride was expected to raise about $3,000.

        “It's not only a good cause, it's a good reason for everyone to get out and ride and take their minds off the tragedy of the past couple of days,” she said.

        That sentiment was echoed by several participants including Margaret Kline of Clermont County, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997.

        “I'm fine now, but unfortunately there are a lot of people, men also, who are still fighting breast cancer,” Ms. Kline said.

        She compared the breast cancer diagnosis to the pall that has fallen over the nation.

        “They're both tough situations,” she said. “You just don't know what's going to happen next, and you can't forget about it. I'm just happy to have this opportunity today to do what we are here on this earth to do and that's enjoy our lives and help other people.”


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