Monday, September 17, 2001

Ceremony marks Schott gift to St. Ursula

By Cindy Kranz
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Sunday was a day of celebration at St. Ursula Academy in East Walnut Hills.

        Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk dedicated and blessed the school's new Margaret Unnewehr Schott Hall. Mrs. Schott, accompanied by three of her sisters, sat in the front row during Mass in St. Ursula's chapel. The former principal owner of the Cincinnati Reds donated $1 million for the $5 million addition at the Catholic girls' school.

        “In their special way, the benefactors of this school have imitated the generosity of the Lord to his people,” Archbishop Pilarczyk said in his sermon. “Thanks to Marge Schott, thanks to everyone else who has helped in bringing this project to completion.”

        Some who attended wore red, white and blue ribbons as a remembrance of those who died during Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

        Archbishop Pilarczyk reminded the crowd of 200 that God's love for us is almost excessive. “Even in times of pain and tragedy, like we experienced this past week, even in circumstances where we can see no trace of good, God's all powerful generosity is somehow at work, even if we can't imagine how, because that's the way God is.”

        Led by the school's vocal ensemble, the crowd rose and sang “America the Beautiful” after Communion. Archbishop Pilarczyk then led the group outdoors to the courtyard, where he blessed the new building.

        Mrs. Schott left shortly after the dedication to prepare for last night's Reds Rally, an annual event at her home to benefit Children's Hospital Medical Center.

        “Marge goes from one good deed to another one,” said Fran Romweber, principal of St. Ursula Academy and longtime friend of Mrs. Schott. “That's the type of person Marge Schott is. She keeps busy doing the will of God and spreading his goodness. She's very generous in heart and in spirit.”.

        The new building includes 10 general classrooms, eight science labs and classrooms, and two music rooms.

        Bob and Elaine Bollin of Mack attended along with their daughter, Katie, a 17-year-old senior and member of the vocal ensemble. They are thrilled with the new music and science rooms.

        St. Ursula needed the new space, Mr. Bollin said, because the old building didn't have the facilities to keep up with technology and other necessities.

        “It's a beautiful building with a lot of quaint little rooms, but they didn't have the facilities to really take the school to the next level that all the other high schools are going to right now,” Mr. Bollin said.

        Keri Dooley, a 17-year-old senior from White Oak, said of the new addition, “We keep growing as a school, so it's a great way to welcome people.We're really excited that it's been built, and thanks to Marge Schott who donated it to us.”


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