Saturday, September 15, 2001

Golf Manor's fire truck will come home after all

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        GOLF MANOR — The village's new fire truck won't be going to New York after all.

        “Because of training issues, none of the trucks awaiting delivery (at Seagrave) will be going to New York,” said Fire Chief Greg Ballman.

        The $299,740 pumper will be delivered to Golf Manor next week as planned.

        Golf Manor's fire and government officials had offered the pumper to New York after receiving a call from its manufacturer — Seagrave in Wisconsin — on Wednesday. The New York Fire Department lost not only lives but a lot of equipment at the World Trade Center following the terrorist attacks.

        Seagrave officials told Golf Manor that an assistant New York fire chief in purchasing asked to review the specifications of any newly built fire trucks that could be made available to them. The assistant chief wanted to see if any trucks at Seagrave met New York standards. Seagrave supplies all fire trucks to New York.

        Chief Ballman said New York City buys fire trucks in bulk orders and has uniform specifications because of the size of the department. Firefighters are trained on and used to equipment identical in features and specifications.

        Because of differences in the trucks, none of the newly built apparatus in Wisconsin was able to be used by New York. Several departments in the country with new trucks at the assembly line were contacted.

        Golf Manor offered to give up the truck and wait for another to be built because “those guys in New York are on the front line ... (and) we are at war,” Chief Ballman said.


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