Thursday, September 13, 2001

Primary results

        Results and turnout percentages for Tuesday's mayoral primary. Democrat Charlie Luken won seven wards; Charterite Courtis Fuller won 19 wards. Two independents, Bill Brodberger and Michael Riley, were eliminated in the primary and are not listed. Turnout was 15 percent citywide (the winner of each ward is in CAPS).

        Ward 1 (Mount Washington): LUKEN 61 percent, Fuller 21 percent.

        Ward 2 (Madisonville, Oakley): Luken 38 percent, FULLER 50 percent.

        Ward 3 (Evanston): Luken 17 percent, FULLER 75 percent.

        Ward 4 (Hyde Park): LUKEN 58 percent, Fuller 25 percent.

        Ward 5 (Mount Lookout): LUKEN 54 percent, Fuller 30 percent.

        Ward 6 (Downtown): Luken 40 percent, FULLER 43 percent.

        Ward 7 (Roselawn, Bond Hill): Luken 14 percent, FULLER 81 percent.

        Ward 8 (Mount Auburn, Mount Adams): Luken 30 percent, FULLER 60 percent.

        Ward 9 (Walnut Hills, East Walnut Hills): Luken 23 percent, FULLER 70 percent.

        Ward 10 (Liberty Hill, Over-the-Rhine): Luken 20 percent, FULLER 73 percent.

        Ward 11 (Mohawk, Clifton Heights): Luken 39 percent, FULLER 44 percent.

        Ward 12 (University Heights, Clifton Heights): Luken 31 percent, FULLER 56 percent.

        Ward 13 (Avondale): Luken 16 percent, FULLER 77 percent.

        Ward 14 (Pleasant Ridge): Luken 30 percent, FULLER 60 percent.

        Ward 15 (Clifton): Luken 33 percent, FULLER 56 percent.

        Ward 16 (Queensgate): Luken 27 percent, FULLER 65 percent.

        Ward 17 (West End): Luken 14 percent, FULLER 78 percent.

        Ward 18 (West End): Luken 11 percent, FULLER 82 percent.

        Ward 19 (Sedamsville, Sayler Park): LUKEN 66 percent, Fuller 16 percent.

        Ward 20 (Price Hill): LUKEN 57 percent, Fuller 25 percent.

        Ward 21 (South Fairmount): Luken 37 percent, FULLER 51 percent.

        Ward 22 (Camp Washington, South Cumminsville): Luken 23 percent, FULLER 65 percent.

        Ward 23 (College Hill, Mount Airy): Luken 39 percent, FULLER 49 percent.

        Ward 24 (Hartwell, Carthage): Luken 37 percent, FULLER 52 percent.

        Ward 25 (Covedale): LUKEN 63 percent, Fuller 18 percent.

        Ward 26 (Westwood): LUKEN 47 percent, Fuller 38 percent.

       City: Luken 38 percent, FULLER 54 percent; turnout 15 percent



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