Monday, September 03, 2001

You Asked For It

'City Barn' held idle street cars

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: What was the “City Barn” on Vine Street? I guess it has something to do with street cars but since I was a farm boy, barn means something else to me. - Brother Linus. Border, OFM; St. Bernard

        ANSWER: Russ Schram, a Cincinnati transportation historian, said the Vine Street Barn was located at University and Vine streets and was razed several years ago to make way for a generating plant to serve the University of Cincinnati. The barn was a city block long with five bays used to house idle street cars. It was used for that purpose until April 29, 1951.

        Q. At Fields Ertel and Butler-Warren roads, motorists are having trouble turning left from westbound Fields Ertel onto northbound Butler-Warren because of a curve and vegetation growing along that side of the street. Drivers can't see eastbound traffic coming down Fields Ertel. Are there any plans to remove trees at that corner or add a stoplight? - Kevin Hayde, Sycamore Township

        A. Al Ledbetter, Sharonville safety-service director, said a work crew will be sent to view the situation and determine what trees and vegetation can be removed. Area residents are concerned that removal of too much of the growth will eliminate a natural noise buffer protecting them from the din of heavy Fields Ertel traffic. If possible, some vegetation and trees on the public right of way will be removed within a month, he said. Q. At Cheviot and Mozart avenues in Westwood there is a two-way stop but many motorists assume the intersection is a four-way. That results in many near misses. Is it possible for signs to be placed at the intersection designating it as only a two-way stop? - Doug Frimming, Westwood

        A. Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said he will authorize “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs to be added to the “Stop” sign poles. They will in place by November.

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