Saturday, September 01, 2001

Polka is punishment for noisy driver

Man with loud stereo learns his lesson

The Associated Press

        CAMBRIDGE, Ohio — A man was sentenced to listen to four hours of polka king Frankie Yankovic's greatest hits for driving through the city with his windows rolled down and his truck's stereo blaring.

        Municipal Court Judge John Nicholson found Alan Law, of nearby Derwent, guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and ordered him to pay a $100 fine or listen to polka tunes.

        Mr. Law chose to face the music.

        Judge Nicholson picked Mr. Yankovic's music because he thought the 19-year-old Mr. Law would not be a fan of the Cleveland polka legend who died in 1998.

        “Most of the time I try to impart the Golden Rule to people: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. You may enjoy listening to your music, but many people do not want to hear your music,” Judge Nicholson said.

        Mr. Law listened to the full four hours of hits, which include “Blue Skirt Waltz,” “Who Stole the Kishka” and “Too Fat Polka,” in a police station interview room Thursday.

        “I told the police officers to let him leave if he couldn't stand listening to the music for four hours, but he would have to reappear before me to address the matter of the fine,” Judge Nicholson said.

        Mr. Law said he was considering a better stereo for his truck, but has changed his mind.


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